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new stuff   
11:11pm 22/08/2006
  OK, so the new lj is JackMustLive


it is also my NEW AIM name.

email is still JohnLippl@hotmail.com

The changes arn't anything like "I MUST CHANGE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!" but more so with the fact that 'professorlippl' was when I wanted to be a teacher still. That is what has changed and instead I'm all focused on the me in the here and now. Fun stuff.

Speaking of fun, life has been rocking as of late. Everything is going my way and hopefully will continue to do so for some time.

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11:03am 22/08/2006
  I will have a new LJ/AIM name by the end of the day.

So far I have thought up:
*******- I am the only 'Son of Lippl' left in Vancouver
******* - I have dubbed this new healthy livin' phase
Jack something - Jack and a can.

It doesn't have to be "-Lippl" though but those are the ones I've been tossing around. Too bad Soul-O is already taken!

Actually.. I'll keep the names a secret so people don't get the gumption to steal the names :/

I could just use one of my old ones again:

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11:09pm 21/08/2006
  Today I drew the worst donkey ever drawn. I couldn't remember how their legs worked so I just drew a big hunk of meat with a rectangle/hoof on the bottom. It's the most disgusting animal I'v ever drawn and the picture-donkey seems to understand this.

Also, he is pulling a cart but the damned thing is at a different angle than the donkey. Otherwise it is a very handsome cart with some trashbags hangin' out the back end. I'll scan it in a second but it'll be a while before I get it online.


horrible donkey

For reference: an actual donkey

Good Donkey

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I try to plan events like legos. Get the most out of my day   
09:41am 21/08/2006
mood: chipper
Because my days off are very spaced out and rarely consecutive, I try to fit as much stuff into each day. When plans fall through it sucks to the Nth degree because not only is it a day wasted, it could be the only solid 'day' for seven days. Luckily that only happens rarely and I understand it when it does happen but it still sucks.

So Friday sucked because I was going to D&D it up with Dave and Gretta but that got canceled. I played BOTS and bitched to Samantha about it as I sent texts out to a bunch of people (even going to my old phone and calling people I haven’t talked to in a while). Once Chris got online at 8 I just played BOTS with him which was pretty fun though.

Saturday came and I worked 8 hours making salads and such at work. When I got home I called a friend from work to see when he could hang out sunday to which he said 2:30ish. Immediately I knew to maximize my time tomorrow I should do something till way late at night, sleep till 1pmish, hang out with friend and then find other friends to hang out with at night. I then got a call from Dave asking if I could drop off some reading material for him. We talked about his crappy paladin which he made into a decent cleric. Was a good time considering I didn't have any plans when I got home at 8pm when I got home but ended up hanging out for hours.

Sunday rolls around and I wake up near noon-ish and begin cleaning the house some more and make some breakfastlunch. My buddy from work actually owns a house 8 houses down from mine and it is a very classy dig. Lots of stuff but not cluttered, even with a 2 year old throwing his toys everywhere. He offered me a variety of beers and we walked his dog to this park I didn't know we had around here. Now I know where the opossums come from! He suggests that Thailand is too hot and that if I wanted to go to Japan, his wife (who is Japanese) might have connections but he also talked about selling used furniture so who knows if he was shooting the shit or making plans.

Once that was done I caught Adam Fox online and headed to his place bringing with me some Chicago style pizza. Lots of pizza but there turned out to be lots of pizza so all was good. If people know that there is a 'thing' happening, they should bring something to the event other than themselves. In the cabin dynasty I think some people brought stuff but it was only a few who regularly brought drinks but then again we were all still mostly broke ass kids so *shrug*. I saw Scott, Morgo, Fred, Fred's quiet woman, Chris Miles, and of course Adam. After a couple hours I headed over to Dave who made us sit on some cold stone benches where I died of hypothermia and my ghost came home to type this up.

I rolled up a wizard with was able to cast: Jump, Spider-walking, expeditious retreat, and grease(which sucked). He was named "Peter Parker" and I fought Dave's cleric. I used the spells and a Quall's feather tree token to create a situation where my wizard had all the advantage against Dave's non-ranged-using-dwarf. The best the dwarf could do was run away behind the tree Peter made :/ It was not a proud moment for his character. That's what a good wizard does. Make the only option for the other character to look dumb and ruin his day. (Not too hard when Dave's armor makes him only able to run 15 feet and the wizard could move sixty, shoot, move sixty, shoot).

ACTION PACKED! Friday sucked but Saturday and Sunday made up for it. I get my Record of Lodoss War back on Thursday!!!! I WILL WATCH SOME THEN. but the music makes me super depressed so I'll have to find someone to watch it with me. I also will send for a passport Thursday. It will be a busy day.

I am kind of disappointed in this writing. It's simply a retelling of what happened and not what I was thinking. Next time I will add more taste to an otherwise meaty post. Actually, and Sam made me think of this, I am not posting to the internet. I am posting to Chris who lives too far to yell at so he might read this and know what I'm up to. A lot of the same buddy! A lot of the same.

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11:21am 20/08/2006
  Good: I want to learn the guitar again
Bad: I want to learn because the landlord took my guitar to display it upstairs

I forgot how slick the thing looked. Pretty much 'right out of the box' still cuase I never practiced before >.>

I remember first getting the guitar. I wanted an instrument that looked cool but didn't 'try' to be cool. I didn't want to pick my guitar out because of it's color or some shit like that but this one managed to look sweet anyway. After attending class for the first time with Mr. Trousdale, who really does rock, we learned some chords and he told us to practice it and practice it for a week. well, chris and I got this damn chord down THE FIRST FUCKING TIME so who needed to practice?

THe point of the assignment was muscle memory and we both failed miserably throughout the rest of the course cause of that decision. When we finally dropped it, our professor was shocked because we actually could play in class when he asked. One of my biggest regrets from Clark is not trying harder in his classes.

In the final, all you had to do was play a song like "Mary had a little lamb" but do this chord-dip thing in the middle. From what we heard of other classmates, very few people were actually doing it and the professor was getting shouty. BULLET DODGED! YOU GET A 'W' ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT!

I'm trying to get my 'Record of Lodoss' War DVD sets from Brian who rooms with Melissa I think. I've been hankering to watch it lately and now that chris is in korea I have more time to watch that long, long series. I've been half-assedly trying to get it back for a long time now but I really, really, really want it back now :(

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08:39am 19/08/2006
mood: listless
Ok, so last night the landlord's dog wasn't helping things and now this morning it's her bird.

me: *Dreaming*
bird: .....sWQUAK SQWUAK SQWAUKE etc etc
me: what. the. fuck.
bird: *continues*
me: *looks at clock, one hour till I'm supposed to wake up* >: (

On the plus side, it made me remember my dream which wasn't pleasent but HERE IT IS:

I'm laying on my bed doing something with Gretta and Dave watching tv/just hanging out. Behind me is Mel.Archer and someone and finally Morrigan and Stephen are like, standing in the corner and are there but 'not there'. So we're just chatting and Mel says something that I can't remember and it sends me on this yelly/angry rant which makes everyone leave. As I go to close the door I see some notes morrigan drew which detailed what I was saying but getting it mixed up and backwards, to my detriment. I was all "WTF, that bitch" and then I woke up and did another 'WTF.'.

Now that I'm up I guess I'll make myself some breakfast and do some laundry. Vacumming the floor sounds like a great idea too :D Hmm... I should clean out the crab's home.

I cancled my FFXI subscription. Not that I won't ever play it again though. I just no drive to log on right now and probably won't for a little while. If Chris ever gets his comp up to 100% though I already have a copy of the game I can send him and we'd both play together. Until then though, not really interested.

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damn land lord's dog   
01:31am 19/08/2006
mood: bitchy
God damned Gizmo.

So landlord dog is all barking outside so I decide to do the nice thing and bring him in. I give him some food, water, pet him a bit.

later on I make for bed and he's trying to get onto the mattress which I don't care to get back up to help him but he keeps trying and trying so I say to myself "Come on, he just wants to sleep on a matress instead of the ground! Help a dog out. He's old anyway." So I help him onto the bed and go back to trying to fall asleep.

but I can't because he keeps licking himself. So I can't get to sleep because of his self-given tongue bath but I'm also just feeling plain uncomfortable as I toss and turn. Finally I get up, turn on the lights to see if there are any bugs and a

god damned flea

is on my arm. Bastard dog. That's what I get for being kind to him.

So off goes the sheets, blanket, pillows and into the washer they'll go. Luckily now that I am a clean livin' lippl I have fresh pillows and blankets next to the bed. I felt better after the shower but I'll be damned if Gizmo is welcome in my home anymore.

he growls at me for food.
bites my friends
barks at everything outside/inside
ruins my sleep in multiple ways

He is no longer welcome here.

If this were my dog I would be more understanding but it's the most selfish, annoying, biting dog ever.

At least I went to bed early so I'll still get my 8 hours before work >: (

holy shit check out my mood icon that is gnarly stuff.

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10:41pm 18/08/2006
  I talked to Melissa a couple days ago. Might hang out with her some time soon. Show her the new 'casual lippl' lifestyel of clean livin'.

I drew up some pretty cool D&D stuff but didn't get to use it cause of Dave's working. MAYBE NEXT WEEK who knows.. i'll just keep adding to it.

Talking to chris is kickin' rad.

Edit: I should make a note that I was talking to Melissa Archer not Melissa.. .. I can't remember her actual last name so I'll just call her Melissa Spencer.

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11:51am 18/08/2006
  Augh, work called! LETS GET NARRATIVE!!!

The young author/artist/sophistaphallice huddled over his work as he slowly etched out a path of wonderment when-
"Who could that be at this particular moment of whimsy and Discotex?" He reached for his phone to see a number he only remembered in the vaguest parts of his brain. "Could it be my place of employ? Surely this, my one day off, would be hallowed by them that pay for my time? Do they demand more of me!? MY PHONING FOE WHO ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT ME NOW WILL SURELY KNOW THAT TODAY AMONG DAYS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE TRIFFELING WITH JACK THE WORDSMITH!" Coolly the phone's 'send' button is clicked and a casual "Hello," spills from our hero's mouth.

"Hi, this is Dean from work" indeed his boss' voice came from the cell phone, "and I have a question."

"BLAST!" Jack screams.. mentally. "Surely he couldn't.. no.. he wouldn't.. but he has!" ...out loud he speaks, "What can I do for you?" DEFEAT!

"You forgot to 'clock in' on Monday. What time did you arrive? You were working the 13 position," the boss quickly asked. IT WASN'T ABOUT BEING CALLED IN! VICTORY!

"11 or 10:50. I wasn't late or nothin'." As the survivor sighed, he said his goodbye and set down the cell phone. Another day won, another day yet to be lived!

-End of Chapter 1-

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I have a black belt in "water down my back"   
04:38am 18/08/2006
  I always thought that when ever martial arts trained with a weapon it was on the premise of using that weapon for self defense even when it's supposed to be just an 'art form'. Apparently this is not the case. Of course, it boggels my mind why someone would pick up a weapon and think "I could use this instead of doing some pilates" before "This could kick some serious ass waa-paah hoo-she-ra-doh". I wish dad was still around so I could ask him about his fighting-days. He taught chris and I a stance and how to walk but we never got into it much. Can't have three lippls stomping around in a second story apartment.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tai_Chi_Chuan is pretty interesting. Still grounded in self-defense but regulates 'extremes' and such. Fun stuff. Hmm.. according to wiki it is a martial art that happens to also help de-stress and falls in line with chinease healing theories so it -is- based in fighting but some people choose to ignore that. This is damn funny though: "From ultimate softness comes ultimate hardness." - yin/yang stuff. Ain't it the truth though.

"I would rather *spff* than hyperbole
insinuate than *spff*
moke than insinuate
joke than mock."

If you've ever heard about the "White around the eyes" thing then that is true and you should always look for it as an idicator. Also, when someone says they pick up a sword to "relax" that is when you back off. Things were going so well when I proposed a tennis match all though now I think that it would end in a similar fashion. In my defense, I still say that I have a hard time envisioning a martial artist handing my ass to me when I know I can lift their body weight above my head and regularly drop "Bags of Crap"(TM) their weight into the dumpster at work. It's like in a kung-fu movie where the person 'trains' doing normal daily chores. *flexes* If I was a pro-wrassler I'd be "Jack and a Can" with my special move being to lift someone up and gently/sternly place them inside the metal bin.

Shari's food is one step above a swansons tv dinner. I swear it either comes straight from the paper-tray or at least in a swansons-food-crate they keep in the kitchen. The artichoke dip and chips was pretty good though.

I might be coming into a large supply of new (to me) dreamcast games which is going to rock. hard. Hopefully next week will bring about the same small number of people to hang out. 16+ does not a good time make when space is an issue. Also, our conversation tonight revolved around fun things instead of last week which was alllllll about bitching. I checked out early for that one but stayed for this one.

I want to practice with my kendo stick. I already have the power-ranger-hand movements down which is pretty fun to watch.

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04:41pm 17/08/2006
  Can you get head aches from drinking too much crystal light??  

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the sun is making me laugh   
10:09pm 12/08/2006
mood: crazy
The only thing keeping me sane is the knowledge that sooner or later Chris will be back.

*continues to talk to himself but I'm not really talking to myself I'm talking to Chris he just isn't here*

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reaching the stars here   
03:09pm 09/08/2006
  Clothes: done
Bathroom: done
Desk: cluttered-ish
Carpet: *looks at vaccume swiped from mom's* Almost there >.>

Too bad Moe will never see the apartment in it's "not cleaned by her" state. The place still smells musty but I might have to wash the carpets :/ OR it might be that I'm washing blankets.. I can't really tell.

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Foldihg requires no thinking. it's not oragami.   
12:18pm 09/08/2006
  THe women in Kayne West's "Gold Digger" makes me wish I had tons of money and then lose half of it.

this is fun too:


the best part is Luda. I like hearing him best when he's in other people's songs for some reason??

"Let me put a little of excitment up.... in your lifestyle"

Clothes are almost put away! Rugs are being a hassle and I need to buy a vaccume but I'll probably get one from valuevillage I guess.

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09:15pm 08/08/2006
mood: angry
I knew it was coming and it finally hit. I had to use my brain today >: (

I purchased this god damn usb cord for my cellphone. -First- it was too big so the seller (over ebay) suggested I just shove it in and warp the plastic. The plastic was pretty weak so it gave way which was the only reason I would even think to just "shove it in till it fits" in anything electronic.

So the usb cord could fuckin' charge up my phone but the drivers weren't working so I had to get on the internet and after a few days of INTERNET RAGE I was able to get it working tonight.

So, the damn software could speak to my phone but the software was bananas too and it took me a while to figure out that wallpaper = pics/video/sounds/mp3's.

My mom has the right idea. Just buy crap and have your children figure out all the tough shit.


I also read SUPERMAN: Red Son which was pretty awesome.

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This event needs to pass   
08:40pm 06/08/2006
  I just need a day to not think.

I'm off wednesday and thursday. I'll probably be suckered into thinking on those days too >.>

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No, really, I'm just dumb.   
11:26am 04/08/2006
mood: drained
I think life is going to cool down for a bit.

Place is still clean, laundry almost done. It is ironic to think that one lippl can do what two lippls coud not. My tub is pretty bad but it's always last and I just really dont want to care about it when I get to it.

Hanging out with Ari a lot. We rented ultraviolet, 40 year old virgin, and "RENT". I've yet to see ultraviolet.

I was going to hang out with Gretta and Dave but I thought our days off were the same when in fact they were not.

I hung out with Ramiro and crew (it's a large crew). Seeing Brit again is always nice but I've never really formed a connection with the others.

This isn't to say I've been out having fun every night, I spend a few at home when I can to recoup as I've been super stressed out lately. Work isn't helping with my shitty schedule.

I was just typing this when I heard a "Get off of me!" yell so I put my cloths on and ran outside to see a woman and two guys who live around as I think I've seen them before, in the middle of the street standing around a car. I yelled out "She said to leave her alone!" and the two boys looked over at me and one said to go back inside or I'd get knocked down. I still needed my shoes and phone so I yelled out "I'll be right back miss" then went back in (didn't look good but I didnt have my phone either) to put my shoes on and grab my phone. By the time I got back out the girl was getting back into the car and after another round of threats they just left. I gave the girl an 'out' and she didn't take it so I'm not gunna hunt em down or anything. It was pretty funny when the guy threatened to knock me down though. I come to the rescue too much but it's in my blood. I should have taken a picture with my phone though :( maybe next time people are stupid infront of my house.

uhh.. hmm.. what else.. I talked to chris and he's probably coming back for xmas which is awesome but too far away. He is on the fence to if i should go to Korea or not because it's nice but not "SUPER WOAH YOU HAVE TO COME TO THIS LAND OF MAGIC AND FANTASY" and I'm not chomping at the bit to leave either. Not that Vancouver has me locked in a death-grip but more like no where else is really luring me away.

AGain, life is weird but I try to stay ontop of things. I should just be walking away from things but I am an idiot.

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09:11pm 29/07/2006
  God damn life being all crazy upside down nutty. I swear, I'm in the wrong universe.  

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11:47pm 22/07/2006
  ProfessorLippl: I think Chris is an ordained minister in the church of life
ProfessorLippl: http://www.ulc.org/
ProfessorLippl: yeah, pretty sure
ProfessorLippl: "I don't know if God is real or not but I don't think it's wise to go about purposfully doing something that will piss him off" - Dad on chris being a minister
HIDDEN!!!: lol
HIDDEN!!!: very true
ProfessorLippl: on the plus side
ProfessorLippl: Chris can marry you and Hadleigh
HIDDEN!!!: lol
HIDDEN!!!: um....i think i'll take a lutheran minister or episcopal minister, thanks lol
ProfessorLippl: all it takes is the right time and place
ProfessorLippl: namely, Korea, and right before WW3 begins

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07:06pm 19/07/2006
  The move has been cancled. I'm staying in my place for now. If I want to sleep in the Lemon-Cabin I can just kick my mom out for a night.

Hung out with Ramiro and Brit for an hour today which was fun. Might hang out with them again at 2am when they get off work.

Drama really sucks. Only because people suck. Mulder was right, trust no one.

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